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Here's a note on tetanus you might want to know,

The vaccine makes you resistant, but not completely protected from, the bacteria that causes lockjaw [another nastily descriptive word for tetanus you're likely aware of but some asd'ers may not be]. The vaccination is absolutely necessary for all; since that bacteria is simply everywhere
and the resulting disease is so often fatal; but that's why it's nearly impossible, as a child, to go to school or to a nurse or a doctor and not get vaccinated against it. Tetanus is almost always found in soil and is always found near horses; and that illness is really horrific. But usually, thank heavens, if someone who's been vaccinated properly does contract tetanus, the case is less severe and death is highly unlikely.

Hey, and a nifty note on this disease I found while looking at some info on the bacteria that causes it: pretty well everyone who suffers a gunshot wound is injected with that bacteria along with the lead injected

But the hospitals know this, and all victims of any kind of wound are given a tetanus preventative regime suitable for their immunization status.

As you said, it's important if you cut to do so with the cleanest, sharpest instrument possible and to keep the cuts as shallow as possible. That's because, among other reasons, the tetanus bacteria thrive on dead tissue for food and lack of oxygen for survival.

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